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About Us


Co-Founders of Drinking Dresses and just a couple of sister-in-laws who love to have a good old time. We enjoy the simple things... a fresh cocktail, crisp cotton, summer nights and the energy you get by being near a body of water. You can find us at the beach!

Drinking Dresses was inspired by Nicole's Grandmother, June, who above all else prioritized having a good time. She was never without her signature cocktail and the most perfectly suited frock, hence the drinking dress was born. When 5 o’clock rolls around in our family you’ll hear “Ladies, get your drinking dresses on!”. It is a call to relax, forget the stresses of the day, and just live in the moment.

Always relaxed and always beautiful, the Drinking Dress embodies the island lifestyle of free-spiritedness and easy living. Our beautiful prints are inspired by the 1960s, St. Croix sunshine (Grandma June's home for over 30 years), and feel good vibes.

Our goal is to bring relaxed, beautiful dresses to women of all ages. We hope that our brand helps to make generations of women feel good in their own skin and encourages them to create their own fun wherever they find themselves. 

Each dress silhouette is inspired by one of the fabulous women in our family. 

Allow us to introduce you to our leading ladies:


The Kakee Dress was inspired by our true southern belle, Katherine. So let's start at the very beginning! Before there was Grandma June, there was her mother Kakee. Kakee (nickname for Katherine) was a southern girl through and through. Growing up on a beautiful property in Georgia, Kakee was a true entertainer. Her husband was a big-wig for Kodak so she spent countless weekends entertaining clients and putting on festive soirees. But she was far from a housewife. Kakee was affiliated with a lot of top dogs in the Kodak business and as a college educated women she was always able to hold her own. She accompanied her husband on his business travels all over the world and continued to travel on her own in her older age.

Kakee was often spotted smoking her extra long chesterfields while driving her Lincoln Continental around town. She really let loose when she was widowed in the 60s and moved herself to St. Simons with her mother (loving referred to as "Little Mother"). Kakee traveled to St. Croix every April to celebrate her daughter June's birthday. Of course, they always found a way to let the good times roll!  

Kakee's cocktail: Kentucky bourbon with a splash of water on the rocks.


The Grandma June Dress was inspired by the legend herself, June Qualls, our fearless femme fatale! June was like no other. Her infectious laugh and spontaneous behavior made her the center of attention and life of the party. If there was one thing June knew, it was how to have a good time. 

She always looked stunning in whatever she wore, which was mostly comfortable, fashionable dresses. Between her and her mother Kakee (nickname for Katherine) they pioneered the drinking dress. Cocktail hour was a serious matter to these two ladies and by serious we meaning anything but! As long as you had a cocktail in your hand by 5pm your job was done. Time to kick back and relax. 

June's cocktail: Cruzan rum lime daiquiri on ice.


Joan, or as she is lovingly referred to as Yoanie, is the mother of Sherry and Grandmother of Nicole. Yoanie embodies all that is classic New England.  Salt in her hair.  Sand in her toes.  And an avid tennis player – beginning her quest for perfection on the courts at age 12. 

A committed cruiser – boats – whether power or sail – have been a part of her life as a member of the Duxbury and Hingham Yacht Clubs.  Skiing at Sugarbush Vermont until age 75 and cycling around Bermuda, the Loire Valley and more as a member of the “Biker Babes”.    

Never one to pass up a cocktail - Yoanie enjoys 5:00 o’clock every day.

Joan's cocktail: Bourbon and water on the rocks



The Sherry Baby Dress was inspired by our modern day matriarch, Sherry Qualls. Daughter-in-law to June and mother to Nicole. She is now-a-days lovingly known as "Sass", a nickname that fully embodies her spirit. She truly is the woman who can "do it all".

Growing up in Hingham, Massachusetts, Sherry's love of adventure was solidified at an early age. She is an avid sailor, skier, world traveler and, most importantly, a general good-timer. In addition to playing hard she also works hard running her own advertising agency.

Our dear Sass is also famous for creating "The Fish Bowl", a generous sized goblet of vodka and water with a lemon wedge finish. Simple, but it sure does the trick!  

Sherry's cocktail: Ketel One Vodka, water with a lemon wedge on ice or champagne cocktails!  


The Nico dress was inspired by one of our fabulous co-founders, Nicole. The daughter of Sherry, Granddaughter of June, and Great Granddaughter of Kakee. Nicole is our ultimate bohemian babe. She is a lover of all things vintage and has the best eye for a diamond in the rough. If you're making a trip to a local flea market this is the chick you want by your side.

Nicole inherited her free-spiritedness and good-time only vibes from her Grandmother June. Her knack for impersonating different accents is her most hilarious party trick. And of course, as we all do, she knows her way around a good bottle of wine! 

 Nicole's cocktail: Fresh lime margaritas 


The Jessica Dress was inspired by one of our retro-lovin' co-founders Jessica, daughter-in-law to Sherry and sister-in-law to Nicole. Jessica's love of vintage started with vintage furniture when she decided to pick up an electric staple gun in 2012 and try her hand at upholstery. She quickly fell in love with mid-century modern furniture and worked the aesthetic into her every day life.

Her love for fashion also runs deep. She has worked as a buyer for multiple women's fashion and accessory companies. Jessica is most happy rummaging through consignment stores and teaching her baby boy how to shake up the perfect gin martini for his mama. 

 Jessica's cocktail: Extra dirty Hendrick's gin martini