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Women Crush Wednesday Featuring Marina Schaefer of Marina Clay Co.

We had the chance to chat with Marina Schaefer - the talented owner of Marina Clay Co. and the creative genius behind our latest jewelry collaboration. When Marina is handed lemons she sure knows how to turn them into lemon martinis! 🍸 🍋 


Refusing to let idle time get the best of her during Covid - she decided to roll up her sleeves and get creative. She launched her handmade, polymer clay jewelry line last year and has never looked back!
Marina Clay Co Earrings

What inspired you to start making your own line of jewelry?

During Covid I was super bored and wanted something to fill my time. I am a very crafty person so I went to Michael's one day and picked up a block of polymer clay and the rest is history! It was so nice to have something to do after work that was mindless and fun. It also allowed me to use the skills I picked up in college as a fashion major - to play around with colors and patterns. 


A lot of women struggle to start their own businesses, what advice would you give women to help them get started on pursuing their business ownership dreams? 

If you want to start a business and it is something you are passionate about you will be working toward something that doesn't even feel like work and that is the best feeling. Sometimes you just have to put all of your eggs into your own basket and believe in yourself. Believe that you can create something amazing. 

Do you ever hit a creative roadblock? And if so - what do you do to get yourself inspired?

Yes! I hit roadblocks here and there but what I like to do is use my trips that I have taken this year as inspiration. I went out to Tucson in April to visit a good friend and when I came back I launched a cactus collection that was my best drop yet. I also recently just visited Glacier National Park and I am working on a natural collection with lots of cool blues, greens and whites. 

What is one of your greatest life experiences that you suggest for other women to try?

I am a huge believer in traveling and getting out of your comfort zone when you travel. This past year I have taken over 10 trips across the country. What I enjoy most about traveling is doing all the things the locals do. I have tried exercises and foods that I would have never tried unless I got out of my comfort zone.

If you could have one superhuman power what would it be?

I would love to never get tired or have to sleep! There are not enough hours in the day to have a full time job, small business, puppy and a life!

Your #1 woman crush?

My number one Women Crush would have to be Blake Lively! She is so amazing and I love all her movies. 

Your drink of choice? 

I love a good summertime Mojito 

What is your favorite Drinking Dress and why? 

I love the Nico Midi dress. 1) it has pockets and 2) I love that I can tie it in so many different ways! 3) the length of this dress just gives me life. 


To see more of Marina's line of beautiful clay earrings visit her Etsy shop Marina Clay Co.

And make sure you check out the amazing collection she created exclusively for Drinking Dresses.

Cheers to you Marina! 🥂 

Marina Clay Co


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