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Woman Crush - Andrea Mathewson of Cross Highway Collection

Image - Ashley Caroline Photography


We had the pleasure of chatting with Andrea Mathewson of Cross Highway Collection to get her take on getting into the furniture, home decor and art re-sale business.

At Drinking Dresses we are inspired by the past - items that have a rich history or story and Andrea has been playing at the game for over 20 years now. She has compiled a personal collection of vintage and antique treasures that she is now sharing with the world.


Tell us about Cross Highway Co! What inspired you to launch your own business? 

We are so excited about launching Cross Highway Collection! The idea has been percolating for a long time. I have collected home goods as a hobby for the past 20+ years. Recently, I've felt inspired to begin selling my finds, but didn't really know how to approach it... I dabbled in eBay and Chairish a bit but always wanted more. The idea to create a full brand came about as I discussed this with my son, who also loves eclectic style like me. Having a brand that we can both contribute to has been rewarding for us, and it feels great to have a platform to express our creativity through it!

You clearly have a great eye for design - what has been one of your best furniture or home decor scores? 

There are definitely a few pieces that speak to me, in particular. That said, I think we've really honed in on this concept that even the best pieces on their own need to fit into an ensemble to work. That's really what our brand is about - is showing how you can collect over time and be a "steward" of great pieces by using them together to create something even bigger! But to directly answer your question - I think the Calder Art print available on the site encapsulates what we're about. It's STUNNING!

Alexander Calder "Balloons" Print

What have you found most challenging about launching your business? 

Cross Highway Collection has been a labor of love, no doubt. The sheer amount of elements you need to stay on top of is more than we ever imagined! You can always do more.

Best advice you would give another woman in launching her own business? 

Jump in and keep going. If you have a passion, you really need to just go for it as best you can. It will be harder than you imagined, but also so much more rewarding too!

How would you describe your design aesthetic?

You know, it's funny. We discuss this all the time because we are still trying to figure out how to describe our aesthetic. That said, we've really centered in on "eclectic" as the best way to describe us. We don't just do antiques or modern, nor do we focus on a certain classic aesthetic. The idea is really to take the best from anywhere and combine it all tastefully.

Vintage Leather Travel Case

Three women (living or from the past) that you would love to have cocktails with and why? 

Jackie Kennedy Onassis-So Chic and she had impeccable taste!  Great conversations.

Lady Gaga-She is so intelligent and I am sure would have many fun stories.

Jenna Lyons-Past Creative Director/President of J Crew.  Super fun and she loves 1st Dibbs as her favorite place to shop. 

Regal Silk Upcycled Scarf Pillow

What’s your go-to cocktail? 

I love orange vodka with water, a slice of Mandarin Orange & a dash of bitters. Simple, easy, and so refreshing! 

What’s your favorite Drinking Dress and why? 

I love the Grandma June.  It was the first dress I modeled for you, fell in love and bought it.  It is so comfortable and flattering.  Super Cute!

Image - Ashley Caroline Photography


Cross Highway Co. will be launching new product collections throughout the year, so be sure to sign up for their newsletter as well! You can do so HERE at the bottom of their homepage. The journey to find the unique will continue for this design savvy bunch!


  • You followed your dream
    Eclectic style is my favorite as well. Congratulations on your new dress line.

    Tanya Nelson Schmidt
  • Congrats! What a delightful achievement! I will be following with great interest.

  • You all have had great taste ever since I’ve known you. Thank you for developing this spot on the web. My creative light has been lit up by making awesome jewelry! All the best, Sharla

    Sharla Joan DiVarmo
  • Congratulations on your new business. You learned style from the best, your momma.

    Pat Clarke

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